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About Vistive®

A better soybean oil, naturally.

Vistive® soybeans are better for Farmers, Consumers, Processors and Food Companies. For farmers, Vistive is better because it provides them with a soybean trait that yields in the field, allows them to earn premiums and is in demand by food companies.

Vistive is better for processors because it allows them to meet food companies' demand for no or low trans fat oils.

Vistive is better for food manufacturers, because it allows them to create healthier foods with low or no trans fats. Low-linolenic soybean oil from Vistive soybeans contains three percent or less linolenic acid, compared to eight percent for traditional soybeans. This results in more stable soybean oil and virtually eliminates the need for hydrogenation, which causes trans fat—which is better for all of us.

This allows food companies to produce fried foods, baked goods, snack products and other processed foods with lower or zero trans fat.

A Healthy, North American Opportunity.

Since Vistive soybeans can only be grown in North America, Vistive gives North American farmers a corner of the market to meet global demand. A result of over ten years of breeding and research, Vistive soybeans offer farmers proven agronomics and increased revenue potential per acre.